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Maternal direct line.
Paternal direct line.
Maternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
Paternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
The Blenkinsop family
The Blenkinsops were a family who, through succeeding generations, moved between Northumberland and County Durham. The earliest known Blenkinsop was a 'waggoner'. As time moved on, they became shoemakers and miners. They were quite prolific and, in the mid 1800's must have accounted for a large proportion of the population in Longbenton, Northumberland, where they lived.
The Blenkinsop family line:
Nathaniel Blenkinsop, who married a person unknown as yet, is the earliest ancestor currently found. He was a waggoner born around 1660 in County.Durham. He was father to:

Nathaniel b.Lamesley, Co. Durham in 1689. He married Isabel LIDDELL (or LIDDLE) (b.1701 Heworth, Co.Durham) in 1720 and they had:

Thomas b. Lamesley in 1732 d.1808. He married Isabel HARRISON (b.1732) in 1759 and had:

Thomas b. 1760 in Lamesley. He married Mary HORNSBY in 1780 and had:

John b. 1786 in Lamesley. He married Mary COWLEY (or COWELL) and had ten children: Margaret, Thomas, George, Mary, Richard, William, Isabell, John, Sarah and Robert.

Richard b. 1817 in Longbenton, Northumberland. He married Isabella (?) of Old Hartley, Northumberland, was a shoemaker and they had four sons - Richard, William, George and John. These last two at least became miners.:

Richard b. 1853 in Newcastle, Northumberland. He married Elizabeth TAYLOR (b. 1851 in Witton Gilbert, Co. Durham), was a shoemaker and they had two sons - Richard (what a surprise!), William and a daughter, who was:

Elizabeth Ellen b.Chester-Le-Street in 1886 who married Thomas MORTON (b.Stanley, Co. Durham in 1881) and had three children - two boys and a girl. The second son was my father, John MORTON.

Thomas (Tom) Morton Snr.
John (Jack) Morton Snr.
Thomas MORTON, husband to Elizabeth Ellen BLENKINSOP.
John MORTON, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Ellen BLENKINSOP
Newcastle, Northumberland, in 1875
Thomas BLENKINSOP and Mary HORNSBY had a large number of children. Of their sons, John married Mary COWELL and Robert, Mary COWELL's sister, Jane. From Robert's line, the fifth generation down is Clive BLENKINSOP. Clive has kindly provided me with pictures of some of HIS Blenkinsop ancestors.
Elizabeth Blenkinsop (1861 - 1938) daughter of Sarah and William
William Blenkinsop b. 1909, son of Elizabeth
William's second wife (name unknown)
Sarah Blenkinsop (1821 - 1900) wife of William, Robert's son.
Clive's grandfather and grandmother
Clive's great-grandmother
Clive's great-great-grandmother
Clive Blenkinsop -
my 4th cousin.
Elizabeth Ellen Blenkinsop - my grandmother - who died at 32 leaving a young family.
Elizabeth Ellen BLENKINSOP.
1886 - 1918
A waggoner - picture courtesy of Clive Blenkinsop.
Colliery cottages at Longbenton - courtesy of Clive Blenkinsop.
A coal wagon
Longbenton c.1900