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Maternal direct line.
Paternal direct line.
Maternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
Paternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
The Morton family
The Mortons seem to have been born exclusively in or around Chester-Le-Street in County Durham, England. A mining family, all the males went down the local pits as soon as they could - usually at the age of 14. That's not to say they liked it. It was about the only thing they knew how to do and so son followed father for generations. There may have been other occupations further back but I haven't discovered these yet. The present last male Morton in the line, John, is the exception - but he's currently studying Geology at the University of Durham so could end up mining in some form or another. He's being discouraged from doing that, however...
A miner hewing at the coal seam
The Morton family line:
George Morton m Ann RATCLIFFE in Chester-Le-Street in 1832. I can only find one child for them, who is -

Thomas b.Chester-Le-Street in1833. He married Mary Ann PATTINSON (b.1844 Craghead, Co.Durham) and had 8 children, including:

Thomas b.Stanley, Co.Durham (near Chester-Le-Street!) in 1881. He married Elizabeth Ellen BLENKINSOP (b.Chester-Le-Street 1886) and had 4 children - Thomas, Florence (died, aged 14 months), John and Elizabeth.

John b.Chester-Le-Street in 1910 who married Mary CLINGLY (b.Sunderland 1908) in 1936 and had one daughter, Jacqueline (b.Surrey). He remarried in 1976 to Patricia Morton (b.Surrey) and had Elizabeth and

John - (b.Sunderland,Tyne and Wear**)

         ** New county. Sunderland used to be in County Durham.
Thomas (Tom) Morton Snr.
Tom Morton Jnr
John (Jack) Morton Snr.
Thomas b.1881        Thomas b.1905           John b.1910         John b.1982
aged about 45          aged about 25            aged about 21        aged 19
John Morton Jnr.
Just look at that high forehead that seems to go through the generations...
Elizabeth BLENKINSOP, wife of Thomas MORTON Snr, and mother to Thomas Jnr., Florence, John and Elizabeth (Betty). She died in 1918 leaving a very young family.
My father (John) and his sister, Betty.
This picture of my father and his sister (in their 70's) was taken outside No. 1 Red Rose Terrace in Chester-Le-Street, County Durham. They were both born here. The house was part of a Club where grandfather Thomas Morton was steward for many years.
Elizabeth (Jnr.) Morton, Dad's sister, always known as Betty. She married a cousin of my mother and lived, for most of her married life, near the South coast of England, in Hampshire.