Maternal direct line.
Paternal direct line.
Maternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
Paternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
The Wellburn family
The Wellburn family originated from the county of Yorkshire and were sea-farers. The earliest ancestor moved North to South Shields, County Durham, where he married and had a family. This family moved further South and settled in Sunderland, County Durham. When I refer to 'moving South' I'm talking just a few miles - it's only about 11 miles from South Shelds to Sunderland!
In the mid-1800s, some of the Wellburns emigrated to Australia and there is now quite a large contingent of the family over there.
The Wellburn family line:
John Snr. b.Yorkshire (possibly near Scarborough) in 1793, d 1839. He was a mariner. He married Ann REED. We don't know too much about their childrem except for:

John Jnr. b.South Shields, Northumberland in 1816  d.1884 in Southwick, Sunderland. A mariner like his father, he married Ann LIDDLE (b. 1822 in Sunderland, d. 1886 in Sunderland) in 1838 and they had a huge number of children: Anne (see below), Thomas, John, Isabella (died as an infant), Liddle, Robert (ancestor of some of the Australian Wellburns), George (died as an infant), another Isabella, another George and Margaret:

Anne b.Sunderland in 1842. She married my German ancestor Seigfrid KLINGELE (later known as Frederick CLINGLY) and they had a large family - Mary, Adeline, Seigfrid Albert, Clara, Emma, John Thomas, Edwin and William (my grandfather).

I am indebted to Steve Wellburn, my 4th cousin from Perth, Australia, who has given me a lot of family information. Also Phil Phipps from Sunderland who has helped both Steve and myself with family research. Thanks, Steve and Phil !
Edwin, second to youngest son of Seigfred and Anne Wellburn
Edwin CLINGLY Senior, second to youngest son of Seigfrid KLINGELE and Anne Wellburn.
A modern-day Wellburn - Steve from Perth, Australia. He is descended from Robert Wellburn, younger brother of my ancestor Anne. Robert emigrated to Western Australia on the 'Group Settlement Scheme'. There are other Wellburn relations in Sydney and Brisbane who emigrated after Robert.

John Senior and John Junior were both mariners who, at one time, served on the same ship - the James and Elizabeth. John Senior was drowned in the port of Mirimachi, Canada, in 1838. It is said that his body was washed ashore near Newcastle (hard to believe!) and that he is buried somewhere in Newcastle...

John Jnr. (known as Jack) was the sole survivor of many shipwrecks. It was said that he once signed on for a ship and the crew walked off !