Maternal direct line.
Paternal direct line.
Maternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
Paternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
If your name is Clingly, you're related to me. How do I know for sure? Because it's a made-up name! It's unique.
The family name was originally KLINGELE and they were from in and around the village of Todtnau, Loerrach, Baden, Germany: near The Black Forest.
At some point (possibly mid 1800s) Seigfrid Klingele, a watchmaker, came to England and settled in Sunderland where he married and raised a large family. He became a British Subject and Anglicised his name to Frederick Clingly. All his children were baptised Klingele but thereafter referred to themselves as Clingly. Why he came to England we're not sure. Why he changed his name is a mystery (it was well before any war with Germany). One day, I hope to find out.
The Clinglys were watch/clock makers and French Polishers/Cabinet makers - gifted craftsmen.
The village of Todtnau, in southern Germany, where our ancestors came from.

The earliest KLINGELE ancestor I can find is :

Johan Baptist KLINGELE, born c.1790 in Todtnau who married Franziska ASAL and had 4 sons: Andreas, Johan Michael, Dominik and Johan Baptist. The second to youngest was:

Dominik b.1818 in Todtnau who became a government teacher. His son was:

Seigfrid b.1838 in Todtnau who, in 1862 was a clock/watchmaker living in Sunderland, England and married to Ann WELLBURN.
He changed his name to Frederick Clingly. There were 8 children from this marriage - 4 girls and 4 boys. The youngest child was:

William CLINGLY b.1875 in Sunderland, my grandfather, who was a French Polisher. He married Minnie ROWNTREE and they had four children: 3 daughters and one son. Their middle daughter was:

Mary Winifred CLINGLY b.1908 in Sunderland. She married John Morton and had me, Jacqueline.
Union St. Sunderland. Seigfrid lived there in 1861. The buildings are all shops now.
Two CLINGLY brothers married two ROWNTREE sisters. William, my grandfather, married Minnie ROWNTREE and his elder brother, Edwin, married her younger sister, Beatrice.
Edwin Clingly Snr. Courtesy of Alan Noble.

My grandfather, William Clingly, died in 1921 at the age of only 46. Until recently, there were no photos of him - but my cousin once removed, Malcolm Rowntree, found a photograph with an address on the back. The address was the house where my mother was born. The picture, to the right, is likely to be him.
Thanks, Malcolm !
The Clingly / Klingele family
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William Clingly ? 1875 - 1921
Edwin Clingly Snr - my grandfather William's brother.