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Maternal direct line.
Paternal direct line.
Maternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
Paternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
Favourite links

This is the site of the Church of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). From it, you can search through what is probably the most comprehensive online database of ancestral records in the world. It includes the IGI Index and others. It's excellent - but best for older records rather than records after about 1900. Some date back to the 13th century.

This is a superb UK site for genealogists. It contains information and links to records (on and off-line) and genealogy resources for all the counties in the UK. The County Durham and Northumberland pages are really good.

This is an unusual site but very useful for finding out about places in the UK (modern). From here you can find out about specific towns and cities, house prices local facilities and lots more. It's fascinating.

This is the local Sunderland Echo newspaper. As well as having stories and articles on current local issues, there are some great photographs of old Sunderland and a page where you can post details of yourself and people you are looking for, e.g. genealogy.

Got any sudden health worries? This site helps with diagnosis and suggests the best course of action. Great on a Sunday when you've come out in a rash!

Simply the best no-frills search engine, I reckon.
I use it all the time.

Superb gardening site. It's colourful, easy to use and has lots of gardening hints. Everything you ever wanted to know about plants.

Great online auction site. I was rather sceptical at first, but I've started buying some things at bargain prices and had no trouble at all. There are often unusual items up for auction. It's great to browse through even if you don't put in a bid.

And of course...
This is the site for the company that hosts my own website. It provides all the software you need to build a website and you can download it each time you want to work on your site. There are loads of useful features and, if you want it, almost step-by-step help on what to do and how to do it. My computer is getting a bit short on memory so I didn't want to buy and install a hefty software programme. With this I don't have to.
You can build a website that is a couple of pages for free, but I subscribe for a very small monthly fee and get 25Mb of website space whch will probably allow me to set up three or four (or more) different websites before I use up my allocation. So far, it's been excellent.
For historical pictures of towns and villages in the North-East - 'Tomorrow's History Today'.