Maternal direct line.
Paternal direct line.
Maternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
Paternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
It's a family mystery why Seigfrid KLINGELE came over to England - let alone why he settled in Sunderland, although it had a lot of shipping coming and going in the 1800s. The journey over must have been under less than brilliant conditions and it's likely that he had little money when he did arrive. It is possible that he was getting away from the religious persecution that was happening in Germany at that time (he was Roman Catholic) or it may have been lack of work in his home village.
Union St. Sunderland. Seigfrid lived there in 1861. The buildings are all shops now.

The Clingly / Klingele family
Emmigrants onboard ship
The original Klingeles may have lived in a house like this in Germany.
Seigfrid married Anne WELLBURN, from Sunderland, in St. Mary's RC church in 1862. All their children were baptised Catholics and named Klingele. However, they seem to have all chosen to change their family name to Clingly and most also changed from Catholic to Church of England - or at least to allow their children to.

Seigfrid and Anne's children

Mary b.1862
Adeline b.1864
Seigfrid Albert b.1865
Clara b.1866
Emma b.1871
John Thomas b.1872 (Family now in South Australia)                     
Edwin b.1873 (Family now in Sunderland and USA)
and William b.1875 (Family now in Sunderland)

So far, I have only been able to find present-day families for John Thomas, Edwin and, of course, William - my grandfather. There is a possibility that the eldest son, Seigfrid Albert, had a daughter called Eugenie but I have found no records of this yet.

Seigfrid Albert's details, and those of the girls in the family, are proving to be elusive...

St. Mary's RC Church, Sunderland - all the Klingeles were baptised here.
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