Maternal direct line.
Paternal direct line.
Maternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
Paternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
Our home in Sunderland
Our house, where the dog(s) reign supreme !
Our dogs...
'The boys' are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
Wallace was born 11th October 1997 (died Sept. 2005) and Oliver, 14th December 1998.
Wallace was a Blenheim colouring, and Oliver is a tri-colour.
Wallace as a pup, helping John with some work.
Wallace in the evening - on the window seat.
And where Wallace is, you'll find Oliver...
And in their second most favourite place - their bed in the hallway. How Wally doesn't get squashed, we'll never know.
Comfortable or what ?
Wallace keeping one of John's friends company on the stairs. Out of interest, this is Ross from The Futureheads - up and coming group for those of you in the know. John used to drum with them before they were The Futureheads.
A typical Wallace pose.
They love a walk in the park and don't mind the rain at all.
Our efforts to keep them dry(ish) during a caravan holiday in The Borders of Scotland - when it poured non-stop for three days.
In Scotland. I used a mobility scooter to get round the Dumfries and Galloway County Show. When Oliver felt he'd had enough, this is what he did.
He might well grin. He loved riding on it, but we got some funny looks.
A picnic in a little Scottish coastal village.
Wallace and Pat during a forest treck in Shropshire.
Oliver and Pat on the Shropshire/Wales border.
The weather was really hot - so the boys loved to lie on the cool tiles of the cottage.
Oliver takes a break on a walk around Wenlock Priory in Shropshire.
The boys explore Shrewsbury.
L - R
Niamh, Oliver's mum
Lulu, Wallace's sister
Katie - Wallace's mum
Bella - Wallace's grandmother
Lulu, Wallace's sister aged just over 1 - she looks very like him.
Baby Oliver with his brothers and sisters - he's the one at the back.
Little Oliver at about 6 weeks. This was taken at the breeder's home.
Oliver came to us when he was about 12 weeks old.
Wallace and John.
We got Wallace when he was 15 weeks old. Here he is
exploring new things...
When Wallace was just over a year old, we got Oliver.
Wallace and Oliver met for the first time...
This was about the only time that Wallace and Oliver were the same size - it didn't last long though.
...and soon became firm friends.
They often cuddled up together - and still do, only Wallace gets a bit squashed.
Wallace in a rare moment without Oliver.
Sundry photos of them as adults.
What a sweetie !
They are both brilliant in the car. We always take them on holiday with us.
Phew , it's hot. Give us a drink...
They are usually to be found on the window seat in the front room...
Back to 'Us Now'.
Back to 'Us Now'.
Sadly, we lost our Blenheim, Wallace, in September 2005. He had been suffering since he was 6 with a heart complaint. We still miss him.
We still have Oliver, but he too has a heart complaint. Unfortunately, it is a breed thing.