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Paternal direct line.
Maternal Genealogy - more about the main families:

Maternal direct line.
Paternal Genealogy - more about the main families:
*****   ABOUT THE SITE   *******

If you have ever 'dabbled' in family history, you will know what it is like when you have so much information it starts to take over your house, let alone the dining room table!  I'm at that stage now and, through many newly-found cousins (thanks mainly to the internet) I have amassed a wealth of information. Trying to get it all onto a website was perhaps a little optimistic - as I found when I started to put it all together.

Although I've included quite a lot about my ancestors there is much more information I still hold on paper - especially information relating to brothers and sisters of my direct line ancestors.

If, by any chance, you recognise any names, dates, places etcetera and think we may be related, please email me. Apart from being pleased to hear from you, I may have family information which could save you years of searching - as others have done for me.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my family website. I've tried to include some relevant historical pictures on some pages which, I hope, will provide an idea of what it must have been like for my ancestors.

I have also captioned the photographs and pictures. If you roll your mouse over them, you should see information or a comment. I've done this with both the historical AND modern family.

I would appreciate any feedback you would like to make. I have tried to obtain the permission of the relevant people where I have included family pictures and photographs. If, however, any of my family are not happy for these to appear on the website, please contact me and I shall remove them. I would also appreciate comments from family members far and wide on the accuracy of what I have included.
If any of my family have any scanned photographs of themselves or their ancestors which they would be happy for me to use on this website, please let me know. They can be sent as email attachments in .jpg format and I would be very grateful as I should love to expand the website. I'm sure other family members would be delighted to see them too!
Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoy it!

Showing where ancestors were from.